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We are “The fastest way to The Hamptons, The Cape, New York City, Atlantic City, anywhere, anytime, any day!”

Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, Air Hamptons has the friendliest and most professional staff in the industry to give you the five-star service you have been waiting for. We pride ourselves upon operating above and beyond regular FAA standards. Travel with us to your next meeting, vacation, or romantic getaway.

The safest and fastest way traveling to:
The Hamptons, The Cape, New York City, Atlantic City, The White Mountains, The Adirondacks and The Poconos, along with Eastern Canada.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I needed to get to Maine for my granddaughter’s wedding, a long drive, and found the service at Air Hamptons to be very convenient. I live near Islip airport and avoided the travel to JFK or LaGuardia. The pilots were very professional and helpful.
Aud G., Long Island
My husband, son and I were doing a quick weekend to the Hamptons and decided to use a private aircraft to be able to maximize our time. Air Hamptons was able to take us when we wanted in a very nice airplane. A great experience that we will do again.
Kristin B., Westchester
After flying to New York with my wife and children to visit my parents, we decided to visit my sister outside Boston. We were picked up in East Hampton to fly into Bedford Mass. and enjoyed the service and trip immensely. A great hassle-free trip with a great company!
Ryan T., San Diego



Air Hamptons delivers an aviation experience that is the pinnacle of innovation, quality, and safety to our customers. We provide our customers with customized and unique air transportation experiences. Contact Us today!